“I already know how important the Games and the experience you get there are” – he said

“The results of the race in Hydra are not that important. It is more important to try your hand at shooting and skiing. Of course, I want to have good races, but I know from my own experience that at this time, as a rule, I am still not in the best shape – against the background of rather heavy training loads.
A few days before Ostersund (where the first stage of the World Cup – will take place on November 26-28), it should become easier. I think everything is under control. Feels tired, but everything is going according to plan.

I feel my body well and know when to slow down in training. I don’t feel nervous from exercise, and in this regard, it’s not just physics – it’s also psychology, which I probably even consider the most important aspect. I look forward to the Olympics and look forward to medals. I already know how meaningful the Games and the experience you get there are.

Daily coronavirus tests? We did a good job with this last season. We were a little worried then, but everything went well. I’m not worried about Beijing. And I am glad that the World Cup is returning with the fans. It will be great,” Samuelsson said.



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